Broad Diversification Opportunities

The opportunity to profit in diverse investments beyond traditional assets such as currencies, agriculture, energy, metals and a wide variety of instruments on regulated exchanges globally.

By broadly diversifying across global markets, managed futures can simultaneously profit from price changes in stock, bond, currency and money markets, as well as from diverse commodity markets having virtually no correlation to traditional asset classes.

Futures exchanges around the world have experienced growth with new exchanges being created. These exchanges from Chicago to Bombay, Tokyo to London provide trading advisors with opportunities to diversify their portfolios by geographic markets, as well as by product. The global futures markets create opportunities for profit potential and risk reduction among a broad array of non-correlated markets. Investing in managed futures on a global scale provides protection against geospecific variables such as poor weather or political unrest, which could affect some commodities or financial futures more than others.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.  The risk of loss exists.


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